2019-12-06 Luohu organizes legal popularization activity on Constitution Day The Luohu district government organized a legal popularization activity in the East Gate Cultural Square to promulgate the spirit of the Constitution and promote law-based governance in its jurisdiction on Dec 3, China’s Constitution Day. More
2019-12-06 New city complex opens in Luohu Baoneng Center, a mega city complex, opened in Sungang in Shenzhen’s Luohu district on Nov. 30. Around 1,000 enterprises in the fields of finance, medical care, culture, and science and technology will operate in the new city complex which spans 800,000 square meters. More
2019-12-05 Food safety a priority of government work in Luohu The Luohu district government has explored a “Luohu model” to safeguard food safety stressing full coverage, transparency, efficiency and responsiveness. More
2019-12-05 ‘Luohu plus’ a new bright link between government and people The Luohu district government launched its latest public-service app “Luohu plus” on Nov. 29. More
2019-12-05 Party organizations’ role highlighted in social governance in Luohu Leaders of the organization department of the Luohu District Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the CPC’s branches in Huangbei, Kingkey 100, Yufeng Industrial Co., Ltd, Guimuyuan and Lianhua neighborhoods, gave a public update on their latest work at the biweekly news conference on Nov. 22. More
2019-12-05 Annual flower show in East Lake Park opens The 2019 Shenzhen Chrysanthemum Show opened in Luohu’s East Lake Park on Nov. 26. The flower show is an annual event dating back to 1984. The show this year will have on exhibition about 66,000 pots of chrysanthemums of various kinds, and will last till Dec. 10. More
2019-12-03 Qingshuihe becoming new engine of growth of Luohu Qingshuihe area in Luohu district has recently been included in the 30 square kilometers of land the Shenzhen Municipal Government has earmarked to host projects and investments from around the world. More
2019-11-28 Education reform turning schools into cradles of inventors The Second Great Inventors Festival of Middle and Primary Schools in Luohu District started at the Cuiyuan Junior Middle School on Nov. 10. More