2019-07-16 Luohu urged to tap into medical care resources of Greater Bay Area The Luohu authorities organized a seminar on the district’s health care reform in the Shenzhen Center Bookstore on July 13. More
2019-07-15 Shenzhen sees its first cross-line bullet train journey to Huaiji D7554, a bullet train, pulled out of the Shenzhen Railway Station at 8 a.m. on July 10, and headed towards Huaiji county of Zhaoqing city in the northwest of China’s Guangdong province. More
2019-07-12 Luohu contributes to growth of Greater Bay Area This year marks the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China. Over the past 22 years, Luohu district has made unwavering efforts to improve its living and working environment and attracted Hong Kong residents to the district. More
2019-07-11 Luohu district organizes lifesaving drill The Luohu District Culture, Radio, TV, Tourism and Sports Bureau organized a lifesaving drill in the Huandao Liyuan residential community’s swimming pool on July 9. More
2019-07-10 Luohu’s pro-innovation efforts approved by Shenzhen law enforcement A law enforcement team of Shenzhen’s legislature inspected Luohu’s implementation of the city government’s regulations on the promotion of science and technology innovation on July 5. More
2019-07-09 Fire drills at EV charging stations to raise vigilance The Luohu Development and Reform Bureau and Shenzhen Xili Science and Technology Company co-organized work safety trainings and emergency drills at a charging station of Buji Agricultural Products Wholesale Market in Shenzhen on June 28. More
2019-07-08 Luohu to further improve its government services The Luohu government has issued a specific work plan for the year to improve its business environment. Luohu has upgraded its administrative service center and improved its administrative services this year to make it more convenient for individuals and enterprises to handle items related to government. More
2019-07-05 Luohu unveils new tennis stadium The Luohu tennis stadium opened recently. Covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters, the three-story stadium has seven indoor tennis courts, three outdoor tennis courts as well as eight tennis courts for children. More