2019-08-23 Luohu officials encouraged to study document crucial to Shenzhen's development The Communist Party of China Luohu Committee held a conference on Aug. 20 to study the CPC Central Committee's recent opinions on supporting Shenzhen to become a pilot demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics. More
2019-08-22 Classic opera Jiangjie to be staged in Shenzhen The opera Jiangjie, co-produced by the Academy of Opera of Peking University and the Shenzhen Grand Theater, will be staged in the latter Sept 6-7 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 30th anniversary of the theater's opening. More
2019-08-21 Luohu’s Hubei zone plan attracts public interest The Luohu government promoted its plan for the renewal of the Hubei zone in Luohu District at a recent land expo in Shenzhen. More
2019-08-20 Luohu officials draw lessons from other districts in good governance The Luohu government sent a delegation to visit Guangming, Baoan, Nanshan and Futian districts of Shenzhen on Aug 16 to learn their experiences in shanty town renovation, and urban development management. More
2019-08-19 Subway construction picks up speed in Luohu Luohu has seen significant progress in some of its public transportation projects. The second phase of the Line 5 subway project has entered the stage of empty-carriage trial runs, and work on its western extension has just begun. More
2019-08-16 West extension line of Line 5 tube advances smoothly in Luohu The construction project of the western extension of the Line 5 subway in Shenzhen successfully emerged above ground for the first time on Aug. 10, near the Huangbei Mountain Range Station. More
2019-08-16 Luohu claims new land from old urban area In recent years, the Luohu government has tried its best to improve the land use efficiency in its jurisdiction to overcome the shortage in the district’s fast development. More
2019-08-15 China’s largest slurry shield machine used on tunnel A China-made balanced slurry shield machine with the largest operating diameter in the country was put in use at the construction site of the Chunfeng Tunnel in Shenzhen on Aug 13. More